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The Importance of Routine

 Self care can be practiced in many different ways. It does not always have to be a lengthy exercise or full weekends at a spa or wellness resort. In fact, my self care journey started with small daily tasks that have now evolved into habits and come as second nature to me.

What are these practices you ask? The simple, yet oh-so-essential, morning & night routines! Yes! Organizing your routines and days in a specific manner can have that big of an impact on you. If you don’t believe me, just go pick up one of my favorite books called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. It truly is a miracle! “But Adri, how can a simple morning routine make such a big difference in my life? And how am I supposed to have a morning routine, my mornings are already so hectic?!” That is precisely why you need a morning routine! How do you expect to have a positive and productive day if you can not prepare for it, if the moment you open your eyes your day is already hectic? You must prioritize and make the time. As a mom and house spouse, I know how difficult this type of alone time can be. So, like many successful business men/women, I decided to wake up an hour earlier than normal, and definitely an hour before the rest of the house stirs. This allows me the time I need to put this secret recipe to the test. It makes such a big difference because this formula targets to stimulate every area of the brain, and touches a little on each area of self care: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

I take the formula given to us by Monsier Elrod (explained below), and I personalize it to my individual life needs. I take the 6 categories in the formula, divide the hour up into 10 minute intervals, and the hour that goes by way too quickly, has already set my mind, body, and soul up for success throughout the day. By choosing to wake up earlier to do this, you are taking control of your schedule and essentially taking control of your day. Either you run the day, or the day runs you! Both are hard, but only one is worth it! You choose. After my morning routine, I go over the daily and monthly goals I planned for myself the night before and prioritize the top 3 most imperative ones. After that, I wake up the littles and ready myself as they ready themselves (luckily I taught her how to get ready herself at a young age), make my daily cup of whatever espresso drink I feel, and begin my day! 

My night routine is just as important as my morning routine. It allows me to review my daily activities/productivity and decide when and where to improve. After assessing how my day placed me on the scale of reaching my overall goal, I can then accurately decide what my main goals for the following day will be and write them down. I also prepare whatever outfits/ hairstyles I will be sporting the following day, and many times do my hair ahead of time. Yes, it almost always stays overnight (The secret is my products are phenomenal). Completing these tasks ahead of time not only allows me the time to have a morning routine, but also allows for a less hectic/rushy morning. 

Now, I can only imagine you want to see what all the hullabaloo is about. Below I will explain the formula and how it works, as well as an example of my morning and night routines. Feel free to modify and implement them as your own. If it’s helped me this much, I know it will help anyone who takes it seriously. What is the formula called? S.A.V.E.R.S. (They literally save)!  What does this acronym mean? Look Below:

                   S – Silence: Start distraction free (No news, Social media, etc. before this process)

                   A – Affirmations: Prayer/Meditation, Positive affirmations

                   V – Visualization : Mental walkthrough of the upcoming day

                   E – Exercise : Does not matter how long, just get moving!

                   R – Read : Something educational

                   S – Scribe : Goals, Gratitude Journal, Other Journaling

Although it is not required, better and faster results have been proven if done in this order. This may look like a lot of work if you’ve never had/wanted to do any sort of personal development and may be difficult to adjust to, but after a couple weeks of consistent routine, the you feel and rewards are immeasurable.


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